Have You Done Your Homework Yet?

3 core research projects you should start now for a strong start on your next wave

Win/Loss Analysis

Institute a structured program to collect feedback from customers/prospects that tells you what you’re doing right or wrong

  • Create a template and a regular process for collecting feedback
  • Works for both B2B (won/lost contracts) and for B2C (won/lost consumers)
  • Tells you: Specific things you can do to improve results

Trend Discovery

Conduct some quick research activities to see where things are headed so you start the year with fresh perspective

  • Conduct trend-finding focus groups during fall/winter conferences, and/or conduct quick online surveys to reach decision makers/influencers
  • Examine the broad trends, not just your product
  • Tells you: The important political/regulatory/legal, economic, social, technological issues that will impact your customers and your business in the near future

Competitive Intelligence

Gather insights about what your competition is doing so you can plan your response

  • Execute product-use surveys to get customer evaluations of competitive offerings & claims, and to gather news of what competitors are announcing to customers
  • Use targeted online ad buys to drive competitor customers to your survey
  • Tells you: What competitive drivers you should focus on

The goal is to consistently know more than everyone else- with data in your pocket and able to support your decisions about what to do next