Post Launch, No One is Patient for Results

Your products were built with a good understanding of the market, came out well, and you launched them (or are in the process). You have some traction, but you need to keep improving the results. And no one is patient about it.

A ‘Lithe’ approach to continuous improvement leads you to gracefully adapt to market realities. 


Establish what you want to accomplish in the market, e.g.: Grow customer base; Increase revenue per user/transaction; Etc. [more]


Determine what is happening in your market right now, looking at such things as: Average sale trends; Competitor analysis/ trajectory; Etc. [more]

Root Causes

Assess what is behind the results you are currently seeing, e.g.: Price/ price model/ price-feature mix/ bundling; Purchase experience issues; Etc. [more]

Market Mix Options

Adjust any of the options you have at your disposal, including: Product; Place; Price; Promotion; & for services: People; Process; Physical Evidence [more]

Achieving market success is a never ending process. Following a cyclical, flexible, nimble approach assures that you can lithely accommodate impatience with intelligent, ongoing market decision making. [more]