Focus Group Focus

You can learn much from Organizations, Buyers, Users, Influencers, and Channel partners by focusing on the questions for which Focus Groups serve well:

Understand Market Needs

Discover: Problems/Needs. Aspirations. Currently used solutions. Business impacts and context. Trends. Purchase drivers. Segments/Personas.

Test Concepts (product or marketing concepts)

Discover: Existing knowledge & attitudes that impact the concept. Competitor position. Relevance and impact of the concept. For whom. Context. Barriers.

Gain Product Feedback (on concepts, prototypes, or current products)

Discover: Impressions of use (suitability to purpose and satisfaction). Unmet or new needs. Competitive comparisons. Test adoption assumptions.

When planning, also be sure to limit focus groups to no more than 8 participants in order to assure that everyone gets enough ‘airtime’ to express their views.