Share Research to Maximize Gains

35% of those who have done research DON’T share the results internally within their organization. 88% fail to hold an interactive workshop of some kind to discuss the findings. These are lost opportunities.

Best Practice:

Setup a Big Tent

If you are going to do research, share the results. It’s in the sharing of new (or confirmed) insights that the real learning and problem solving happens. But do so using a ‘big tent’ approach- i.e. include everyone who contributes to product success (right down to customer service and finance). Not only does this create the efficiencies that come from mutual understanding, it is often surprising what great insights come from unexpected people.

Make it a Dialog- Not Just a Presentation

Whether your big tent is in a conference room, web conference, or several small meetings—make it (them) interactive Q&A sessions. Present the findings, but throughout the presentation encourage (require) discussion about what the findings mean and the further questions it may raise. This is where you get the real value.