Haines-Group helps you reach the next level, despite it all

Move from Insight to Impact

Insight:  Whatever goals you have for your business, achievement starts with useful insight into the current situation, the real opportunities, and the all too real obstacles. You already have much of the insight that you need. But there are some things that are missing, or dots that haven’t been connected.

Impact: Business impact comes from using that insight to assure your customer solution is well-tuned to the specific markets who will value it most, then successfully reaching those markets in a relevant and differentiated way. You have already learned critical lessons and done a lot of things right to get this far. But there is another level for you and your team.

We crystallize insights and build the plans, processes, and capabilities that will get you to the next level.

We have provided Advisory and Action on over 90 projects for clients ranging from SaaS resources to industrial products.


  • Diagnose before prescribing

  • Think long-term

  • Roll-up the sleeves

Mission: To help clients take advantage of opportunities, solve problems, and grow professionally. 

About Bill Haines

Practical and hands-on, Bill loves consulting so much that he’s done it full time for over 10 years. 

He has deep experience in the methodologies critical to product management, solution planning, and foundational marketing. Bill previously served as VP Product & Marketing within leading information companies Elsevier and Wolters Kluwer, and within a large-scale start-up in the medical information space. He has also held executive positions at a software development firm and at an award-winning marketing communications agency. Bill holds certifications as Product Manager and Agile-certified PMPO from AIPMM. He created the ARCHIMEDESb2b workshops to give the B2B marketing efforts of client companies increased leverage. His combination of product and marketing experience lets Bill bring a strong market-facing emphasis to engagements of all kinds.

[What's more, he's purported to have a pretty good sense of humor.]


Certified Product Manager

      The Association of International Product Marketing and Management

     Agile Certified Product Manager & Product Owner

     The Association of International Product Marketing and Management

280 Group

      Optimal Product Management

      Phenomenal Product Manager

Pragmatic Marketing

Case Studies

Pinpoint Opportunity

A large health science information provider wanted to assess the potential of an emerging product category.

  • Conducted market research and competitive assessments to model the market segments, growth, price points, and potential scale

  • Developed a go-to-market product strategy to make best use of the organization’s current position, resources and strengths

Plan Customer Solutions

A medical society wanted to launch a premier online service for specialists in the field, but its internal teams lacked a plan and coordination.

  • Worked with the society’s editorial, product, and marketing teams to develop a product concept and vet its design with the market

  • Developed product requirements for both web and mobile versions and evaluated external development vendor bids

  • Executed research to determine appropriate product pricing, and conducted a beta test program prior to release

  • Developed the product’s launch marketing creative

Enable Market Success

A legal services provider had become the national leader in its market but needed to consolidate its many acquisitions under a cohesive branding and marketing program.

  • Developed a market segmentation model and associated market-specific messaging

  • Developed a unified brand identity and visual standards used across all organizations

  • Created core collateral materials, web site and sales support to launch the new identity

  • Developed marketing programs for the roll-out of two new products under the re-branded entity

An organization pursuing rapid expansion of a multi-national initiative had become stalled and was far short of its goals.

  • Identified several critical issues related to existing partnerships, field staff, and market segmentation

  • Defined structural changes to reshape partner relationships and incentives, delineate segments and create market focus, and build appropriate new messaging and collateral

Despite What?

What’s in your way? Lack of time. Lack of resources. Or perhaps too much of something.

There is another level for you. We can probably help you get there.

Please get in touch: INFO@HAINES-GROUP.COM