Jumpstart Workshops

Jumpstart Workshops bring teams together for intensive sessions that quickly resolve key issues and identify clear follow-on plans.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

This two-session, moderated workshop program is designed to generate and gain consensus for a Customer Journey Map that illuminates customer experience within your target market(s), and highlights how to best influence customers at key points in their “journey”.    [About Customer Journey Maps]

Journey Map 700x107.jpg


Customer Journey Maps are increasingly used as a core product development and marketing planning tool in business. By clearly defining the key problems, influences and touch-points for (current or potential) customers, the resulting Customer Journey Map will become a rallying point for stakeholders throughout your company. Journey Maps help everyone to clearly understand the customer’s experience- from the customer’s first awareness of a need through their purchase and use of the product. This understanding helps everyone in your organization to develop strategies that influence the customer in a coordinated way at each key decision point. 

Valuable For

  • Establishing a cross-company, common understanding of, and focus on, customer experience
  • Developing strategies for market penetration, market expansion, and product development
  • Improving customer acquisition & sell through
  • Optimizing customer experience with your product solution
  • Marketing, operational, distribution, service/support, and sales planning

Ideation and Prioritization Workshop

This moderated, ¾ day workshop is designed to refresh your idea stream regarding key product or business challenges/opportunities, and to methodically prioritize the key ideas for follow-up action. 


Addressing business challenges and goals starts with insightful ideas. Even when an organization has lots of resident ideas, they are sometimes based upon prior assumptions that no longer hold true. This workshop employs a variety of techniques to spur fresh thinking about existing ideas and to stimulate new ones (“Ideation”), assuring that all ideas are relevant, current, promising, and actionable.

But a list of ideas or concepts has little value until that list is culled-down to a manageable set that has been prioritized for action. Correspondingly, this workshop also employs a range of prioritization techniques to facilitate what can otherwise be a contentious process.

Completed in a single day, the workshop takes place in two distinct parts: Ideation, followed by Prioritization.

Valuable For

  • Product Development, Product Management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business issue resolution
  • Business strategy development