Strategy & Planning

A large health science publisher wanted to assess the potential of an emerging product category. Haines Group conducted market research and competitive assessments to establish a model of the market’s segments, its growth, price points, and potential scale. Then a go-to-market product strategy was developed to make best use of the publisher’s current position, resources and strengths.

Design & Development

A medical society wanted to launch a premier online service for specialists in the field, but its internal teams lacked a plan and coordination. Haines Group worked with the society’s editorial, product, and marketing teams to develop a product concept, vet its design with the market, develop product specifications for both web and mobile versions, and evaluate external development bids. In addition, Haines Group executed research to determine appropriate product pricing, conducted a beta test program prior to release, and developed the product’s launch marketing creative.

Relevant Marketing

A legal services provider had become the national leader in its market but needed to consolidate its many acquisitions under a cohesive branding and marketing program. Haines Group developed a market segmentation model and associated market-specific messaging, developed a unified brand identity and visual standards, created core collateral materials, web site and sales support to launch the new identity. It also developed marketing programs for the roll-out of two new products under the re-branded entity.

Your Current Challenge

Not every project is big and multi-faceted. We get it. We've sat on your side of the table. That's why we're a consulting firm that tries not to act like a consulting firm. We just work to solve your current challenge, however modest it might seem.